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How we became all about ELEVATING your personality

We believe fashion plays a role in telling people who you are. But recently it seems that no matter where we turn there is a strive for perfection. That's not for us!

At HELENA SAND we think perfect is boring. Not only does it make most of us feel unhappy, it drives our whole society in a one-lined direction. Instead, we want to see more of peoples different, flawed and unique personalities. That is why our mission is to help bring out the real you! 

You probably already have great style and a great personality - and we'd love for you to show more of it with our versatile pieces and scarves - that's why we are ALL ABOUT ELEVATING YOU!

Our fashion story starts with the scarf!

We can't go on shopping like before. A scarf is a great piece to add the latest trend or a new colour you like. And it can easily be matched to your excisting wardrobe.  You can simply never go wrong!

We have taken the scarf to the next level by developing new innovative shapes and forms, fronts and backs - this way you can more easily match them to an excising wardrobe. The fabrics are natural such as silk and wool, a great choice for our environment - please read more of our sustainable fashion philosophy here.

Our founder

Our founder Helena has a background as a Marketing Manager within large companies with a strong focus on product development. She has always had a a passion for traveling and fashion. Ever since living abroad in Sydney Australia for a year she has dreamed of creating a fusion that unites lifestyle of the Australian life with the Scandinavian one. To unite what she believes to be “the best of two worlds”:

When I lived in Sydney for a year I was able to experience both city life and travel around the country. I just fell in love with the elements of Australia:he red soil, aqua blue waters and green scenery of both tropical forests and vineyards. 

On another note the Swedish woman is undoubtedly the best inspiration to women around the world, we are brought up to be independent, rely on ourselves and we are genuine and trustworthy. I also love Swedish women’s sense of simplicity and style.

To combine the above becomes a true inspiration for our Design essence at Helena Sand - a fusion between Australian and Scandinavian - the best of both worlds!

You can read more about the HELENA SAND design idea here!

What we believe in, our core brand values

To support our mission we also stand for the following core values:

  • True  to ourselves - if we have a fashion idea we won't discard it if it  doesn't fit into the latest trend - we design what we love and hopefully  you will love it too!
  • Bold and brave – to be bold can be to have courage to go for our true passions or wear what we want no matter what others think.
  • Fun  and goofy – in this cut-throat and hard core life where business and  economic interests dominate, we want to act as a reminder to live now,  have fun and share goofy stuff.
  • Vibrant  and colorful – we take inspiration from the elements of Australia with  its aqua blue waters, red soil and green forests and vineyards. No, not  all our products are strong in color, but in our heart our passion are  the red soil, aqua blue waters and strong greens of Australian nature.  Color gives energy.