At HELENA SAND we use bold expressions and vibrant colors from Australia combined with smooth lines of Scandinavia. Our ideas usually start with a place, such as cool architecture from Melbourne or stunning nature. Our collections are also designed to meet women's lives of today, where the female body is celebrated and  modern way of life reflected. The result is usually a fun and unique fusion with innovative garments - each and every one with Swedish simplicity and an Australian touch.


Love for discovering new places and a passion for design sums up our founder Helena pretty well. Having lived in Sydney for a long time she was especially inspired by the Australian lifestyle. She also fell in love with the elements of Australia – the red soil, aqua blue waters and green scenery of both tropical forests and vineyards. 

"I just love the Australian way of living, especially the Australian attitude towards life. It's a very spontaneous lifestyle as well as a respectful attitude towards other people. And of course the nature is MAGIC, ranging from city vibes and cool architecture to stunning nature.

Of course a large part of my heritage is that of a Swedish woman. I was brought up to be independent, rely on myself and to always be genuine and trustworthy. I also take a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian women - they just have a great sense of style and simplicity."

These two influences became the backbone of HELENA SAND's design expression – a Scandinavian/Australian fusion.