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Material & Care

Not only do we focus on obtaining the best materials, we ensure the entire chain of production is as sustainably produced as possible!

Quality of Materials & Process

We carefully select not only the best fabrics but also the best suppliers who offer the latest technology in production - for example by using the best printing technique we do not only ensure the best color outcome - the digital printing process allows us to print only the materials we need and not a single extra cm fabric is printed or gone to waste -  which is unfortunately the case with many older techniques that use both extra color and fabric to get the garment produced.

Care & washing instructions

The fabrics and products we offer are of great materials, and silk is even a bit stain resistant, if you catch it in time:). Please try and hang the scarf (if you can outside) to freshen it up before going for the wash.

Only hand or cool wash - for tough stain we recommend you to use a a trust worthy Dry cleaner.

Steam or iron?

You can do both but make sure you have a good quality steamer as there are risks of both damaging the fabric and your self in the process.

For flat ironing: always use a protective cloth, such as a clean kitchen towel. By starting with cool ironing and gradually turning up the heat you are at no risk of damaging the fabric.