Care instructions

Below you can find helpful instructions on how to care for your scarf & garment

Washing & care for silk & wool

  • For tough stains use a trusted Dry cleaner service.
  • For refreshing you can wash in low temperature, use silk or hand wash programs or use max temperature 30 °C
  • Preferably hang to dry
  • If the garment needs ironing:
  • Start with using a protective cloth and low heat. Spray water on the protective cloth and use "silk" setting on your iron.
  • You can also steam, start with lower temp and increase slightly if needed.
  • Always test on a cotton cloth or a very small area of the garment first.

Garments made from Polyester

If we say "polyester" it's easy to think of low-quality or fast-fashion. However there have been many advancements within the fabric industry and new ways of producing high quality has been developed. All of our fabrics have been selected by meeting our demands of high quality, and almost all of them are made in Europe with streamlined processes for low waste and energy reduction.

Washing & care for our garments

  • Easy care: simply wash in low temperature, max 40 °C.
  • Only use a trusted Dry cleaner service for tough stains, such as grease.
  • Use a hanger to dry
  • If the garment needs extra straightening, please use a protective cloth - place it on top of your garment, spray a bit of water and iron on LOW temperature. Usually marked "synthetics".
  • Steam? Yes it's possible, but much harder to control the heat, so start very LOW. High steam may damage the fibers of the fabric!
  • Store best and keep fresh by using a hanger.

Be responsible. Make it last.

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