SUSTAINAble  choices

Our fashion philosophy is based on creating a sustainable route to market. Here’s how we try to minimise CO2 emissions every step of the way:


  • For every idea we make sure it passes through a number of gate-ways to ensure that it meets three criteria: does it fit in a long-term trend, is there a gap/ want out there for women, and lastly it is innovative enough to not just only be “one more scarf” out there? All three criteria must be met for the product to come alive


  • We use the most modern digital print to obtain color and patterns of our products. A huge upside to the more commonly used screen print , which has more wastage in both color and fabric. With digital printing the technology is very precise - we print exactly what we need and no extra fabric is wasted.

  • We choose the best sustainable fabrics available. Natural materials, such and silk and wool, are usually better than synthetics. There is a lot more oil and other fossils used in for example production of synthetics, so we try to minimize use of synthetically produced fabrics.

  • We must be honest; we do not always use organic silk today – why? The reason is shortage in the market and difficulty of sourcing . But silk is in many ways a better material than many other. The organic silk has about 13% less CO2 emissions than regular. For materials such as cotton the difference is well above 30%. We will continue to look for and push our subcontractors to find better fabrics.


  • Shipping represents a huge chunk of the CO2 emissions for all companies producing goods. And there is lots to be improved in this area. As a small company we are dependent on what the large delivery companies can offer, but we always choose a green shipping method when one is available.

  • We minimize all material in our pack. Rather than printing several different labels and papers to send with we print all the necessary info directly in our parcels, and we don’t use any sticker, so the wrapping paper is not torn, so it can be reused by you and not just do instantly to waste.

  • Natural fabrics such as silk and wool are noticeably light which means less weight compared to other fabrics in shipping. The wool is especially great since it is so small in weight but still manages to be very warming.

Material & Care instructions

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