Material & Care

The fabrics and materials we select are the foundation of creating a sustainable route to market. We try to care in every step of the chain from sourcing suppliers to the fabrics we select. The most important thing is to make sure our products can last for a long time and minimise our environmental footprint. Please find more info on quality and care right here.  


Quality & Process

We carefully aim to select the best fabrics and suppliers out there, who offer the latest technology in production. By using the most modern digital printing technique we can be more exact and print only the fabric we need. This means no extra fabric is wasted, which unfortunately is the case with many older print and dying techniques. This process also ensures a great color outcome.

Care & Washing

Our silk and wool products are made of high-quality fabrics. They are both very durable fabrics and will last a long time if cared for properly. Please try and hang the scarf to refresh it  preferably outside, and only wash when stained. Use hand or cool wash - for tough stains we recommend you to use a a trust worthy dry-cleaner.

Steam or Iron? 

You can do both but make sure you have a good quality steamer as there are risks of both damaging the fabric and your self in the process. For flat ironing: always use a protective cloth, for example a clean kitchen towel. By starting with cool ironing and gradually turning up the heat you are at no risk of damaging the fabric.