Mega Dogtooth Diamond scarf

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840 SEK

Color inspired by the iconic Harbour bridge in Sydney

A rock-and-roll piece if you ask us. Our Mega dogtooth range is one of our signature patterns that will be relevant for a loooong time.
In our carefully designed print the dogtooths have broken free their conformed repeat pattern and become both mega in size and tilted on to their side with stitched effects as a nice close-up detail.

The diamond shape of this scarf has a lot going for it; when you wrap it around your neck there is less fabric than with a normal square scarf, making less of a tight feeling while still looking fab. You can go wide or tight with this one dependent on if you want to show off the mega  pieces or let the edgy dog tooth border be the hero.

Material & Info

100% silk twill

Diagonal 92*40 cm

To get the very best finish on this item we have double printed (the colored pattern) on both sides of the scarf on an excellent fabric of wonderful silk twill in a perfect density making the scarf not too heavy and not too light.